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Gosh darn those little furry critters, they seem to haunt my every waking day! They eat my tulips. They eat my Periwinkle. I bought a pot of multi colored poppies and every time the stem reaches over 10 cm’s it gets chopped off (grrr) I have yet to see one poppy get to the blooming stage!
Although don’t get me wrong they are cute little fellas and if I see one i quietly watch him. They seem to be a real problem in my area thought. I think thats because I live in the suburbs. They don’t have a natural predator in the area to keep there numbers in check, so they just run wild. They even eat the bark off my young maple tree even when I have a protector on it.
Oh what am I going to do…..

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Can you buy Animal Repellent spray over there? I saw a rabbit eating my Alyssum flowers and I sprayed the plants they seem to enjoy the most and it works for me - I actually bought it to spray on the stones that Henry kept dragging out of the stream! He hates it too and it has helped in this problem. Good stuff! Cats also don't like it.

27 Jun, 2008


We have got the same problem out in the middle of nowhere near woods....the rabbits are having a field day. Every plant I put in they see as a new form of ready meal for them!

We have tried everything from special rabbit repellant to be mixed in with the water and all sorts of other things.
Unfortunately with 3 acres that we are slowly turning into a garden there is no chance of fencing it off.

When we had horses we have put a layer of muck on the top through the winter and that seemed to stop them digging for the roots but as soon as that is composted down the problem comes back.

We have planted hundreds and hundreds of hedging plants only to find out days later they were all gone - eaten by our furry friends (if you have friends like this why would you want enemies?).

Our dog couldnt care less and the cats are more after mice but i do feel might at least have a bit of an effect on the rabbits coming too near the house....

we have now put tree guards (plastic spirals) around all young planted plants to protect them from the rabbits, only to find out that its now the deer that has a good munch on taller plants........It s the neverening story but on the positive side, isnt it wonderful to sit in the evening with a glass of wine and see the deer strolling through your fields?

Whilst I have not found a recipe against rabbits yet (I guess the prize you pay for living out in the middle of nowhere with woods and fields all around) I have found that my poppies, lupins, jacobs ladder and geums are left untouched so I guess that is my way forward....

26 Jul, 2008

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