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jack on his bouncy stilts


By sandra


this is my yougest son Jack with his christmas prezzy.
i know its not gardening but you can see plants in the background…




hes at least three foot off the ground in the last pic.

its scary watching him but hes only fallen twice with slight cut on his hand. he can run on them now, they rekon with practice you can get up to six foot off the ground and run at twenty miles an hour….

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petrol free are you going to have a go?

20 Feb, 2009


i havent plucked up the courage
all four of thr kids can do it, but Jack is the best. he can juggle with balls and clubs, ride a unicycle and do fire poi...a born entertainer.

20 Feb, 2009


Brilliant !
Can he do that wearing wellies for the GoY Wellie Olympics ?

20 Feb, 2009


he'd look lovely with my pink wellies on lol

20 Feb, 2009


Yes ~
He would be a definite winner in those. Lol.

20 Feb, 2009


They are great Sandra.l will need a session with them after all the birthday food I've had this week, and there's more to come on Saturday evening!!!!!!

20 Feb, 2009


looks like great fun

20 Feb, 2009


Wow. Those are some kind of boots. Love them. Could I borrow them to put up my outside Christmas lights next year?

21 Feb, 2009


I'd have loved to do that at one time - well I still would really. lol

21 Feb, 2009


jack says thanks folks :-))

Grenville he could have been your entertainment
hope u have a great time.
Irish they give me great fun watching him and his mates.

Gilli he did help me get the decorations down with them on.

Hywel me too but i'm sure i'd come a

21 Feb, 2009


lol. so would I.
I like being older but I want a young body.

21 Feb, 2009


youth is wated on the young ...the older i get the more sence this

21 Feb, 2009



21 Feb, 2009


It looks a lot of fun , clever boy, is he aiming to jump over that rope line and comb his hair in the mirror on his way up and down ? LOL

I,ve seen groups of youngsters with these , it,s amazing,
it should make for good strong legs !

22 Feb, 2009


i think he might come in handy when the apples are

22 Feb, 2009

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