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Do any of you take the Saturday Telepraph?


By sandra


Do any of you GOYers take the telegraph I wonder? If you did today please could u do me a favour? I am told that in the gardening column there is a tiny bit about our nursery Here at Corseside, it’s about lampranthus. I knew it was coming but have only just found out it’s today and can’t seem to find any left around here. Maybe u could pm me or post a pic of it please…I’d love to see it.?

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We do as a rule.....but OH bought the Mail should be able to read it online.....was it Helen Yemms page? do you know?

23 Jul, 2016


Lia Leendertz column I was told Dd2. I can't seem to find. It on line. I only know it's in as a customer just told me. Not to worry I'm sure I will track it down.:-)

23 Jul, 2016


Sandra, I just Googled: Lia Leendertz telegraph today 23 july, then clicked on July calendar to find succulent selection with your nursery underlined to click on. Hope that helps :o)

23 Jul, 2016


Fabulous Shirley T..ill go look now...thank you

23 Jul, 2016


Well done Shirley......

23 Jul, 2016


Sandra, did you find the news article?

24 Jul, 2016


I did thanks to you Shirley T...I have a copy on it's way to me today too...?

24 Jul, 2016


I am so pleased for you ... :o)

24 Jul, 2016


Well done, Shirley. Didn't know you had a web site so I went & had a look, lovely pics.

29 Jul, 2016


Glad you liked it's a bit basic and I need to figure out how to add a selling page...I get a lot of local contact through corseside facebook page.

31 Jul, 2016

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