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Due to a variety of family circumstances, I’ve not been able to login to this great site as much as I had hoped to. I’m able to make quick occasional visits and I really appreciate all the advice everyone has given me. I apologise if I haven’t thanked you all individually, but all your advice has been noted and implemented and I hope to be able to post some progress reports and photos soon.

First ray of sunshine last week and I cut the lawn to a manageable standard length for practical reasons. I’ve also got autumn lawn feed to apply to it as it is in desperate need of some nutrition. I know autumn and winter have now passed, but I’m thinking along the lines of something is better than nothing. I’m sure many of you will correct me and tell me what I should be doing (here’s hoping!).

My major priority is to get a wall built between my patio and the neighbours. Their garden is higher than mine and their patio is crumbling into mine. For privacy and security of pets, I have decided a wall is the only option. I will post before and after pics and let you know if it is successful.

A garden shed/summerhouse is also being considered and I am envying many fine examples displayed on here.

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Hi RB....I hope things are alright at your end. I understand life can get ahead of you sometimes.
I think a wall sounds like a great idea. Will you build it yourself?
How are your roses? Have they woken up yet? Don't forget, if you feed your lawn it will grow faster and thicker and you'll have to cut it more often. LOL.

28 Feb, 2009


Would you consider growing a mixed hedge instead? It'd be an awful lot cheaper, mind you, I don't know how tall hedges can grow and I know it means trimming it every year. It might be more interesting, as birds will use it for nesting. I've just planted 50 whips and can't wait to see it all grown up!

If you include thorn, say hawthorn, it may keep your pets from getting too close to it, and you could always put low fencing at the bottom to stop them getting under it? Just a thought.......

28 Feb, 2009


Good luck with your wall.

28 Feb, 2009


you can get all sorts of fast growing hedge which will be cheaper than having someone build a wall for you~ but not if you are doing it yourself~however you still need the materials which will cost you depending on what you do.I am thinking of having Griselinia between ourselves and neighbour as well as a fence.
It depends if you need an instantaneous quick fix!
It is better to have hedging than fencing or a wall because of the wildlife aspect but if you have room to put shrubs or hedging in front of either later on, so much the better.
There is always the wind aspect to consider as well!
Good luck with whatever you have to do!
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28 Feb, 2009

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