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By royboy


just joined the site yesterday,and was very pleased to get so much response so quickly
I am quite new to serious gardening, so will probably be asking for quite a bit of advice

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Welcome to this site Royboy.It is a friendly site and we all enjoy learning from each other.
With all best wishes and happy gardening!

8 Aug, 2008


That what we are here for Roy.
Best Wishes

8 Aug, 2008


welcome to GOY, you came to the right site for helpful and friendly aadvice

8 Aug, 2008


Good to hear that you are getting good responses. I find that if I have questions etc folk do their best to give answers, and there are some real experts around. The thing I like best is the encouagement that I receive, especially when I look at my garden and see it's faults and my mistakes, others see the good points, and this helps.

8 Aug, 2008


Hi Royboy - nice to meet you! I enjoy being a member of GOY and getting to know so many like-minded gardeners. I hope you will too. We are all different but can all help each other!

8 Aug, 2008


Hi Royboy, welcome aboard - I hope you enjoy it here :o)

8 Aug, 2008


Welcome Royboy , you wont regret it ,the people here are lovely , you will very soon feel that you know them as friends , which of cause they are

8 Aug, 2008


Hello Royboy. I hope you enjoy G O Y . I've made a lot of friends here aswell as having advice about gardening. You mention 'serious gardening' well we have lots of fun on this site aswell.

9 Aug, 2008

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