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D.I.Y. Ideas anyone !


When we moved into our new home, the garden was edged front and back with decking boards, making it very difficult to mow the lawns and looking too straight for my liking ! I like deep curves in my lawn !
So..before landscaping , I lifted all the boards up, which was very difficult , I can tell you ! There had been membrane put over the borders and covered in gravel, but the boards were all fastened to the membrane.
I had the idea of making raised beds as the back way is just concrete , but don’t have a lot of space as I have big pots with trees and shrubs in them. Plus, if I do decide to make beds, do I need to put a bottom on them or could I just use gravel ?
Have any of you any other ideas that I could use these boards for ? There are quite a few and its a shame to waste them !

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Tree house? Sorry, but I’ve always wanted a treehouse...even just a house on stilts would do me!

30 Mar, 2019


Pinterest, Instructables & websites like them have loads of ideas for things like this. Careful though, with all the pictures of interesting projects you can spend hours perusing & not get much done...

30 Mar, 2019


Hi Rose, are you handy with power tools? Shouldn't be too difficult to fashion a garden bench. Here's a video...

Easy Homemade Garden Bench

30 Mar, 2019


Rose, I am not the one to ask for any advice on DIY but I just wanted to say 'Hello' and hope there are lot more practical people here to help you!!! x

31 Mar, 2019


You could try offering them on Freecycle where they could be put to good use by someone who needs them and will take away for free.

31 Mar, 2019


Karen..I don't think I want a tree house ! Hahaa!

Thank you Darren8. I will take a look.

Thanks Bathgate. We do have two arbour seats and one little bench already, but it might be nice to have one in the front. I will look at this video. My husband being disabled can't do a lot , bought me a small rechargeable screw driver set which has saved me a lot of time when I was unscrewing all the very many screws from the decking.

Thanks Julia . I did think of gravel myself, but may have to make small ones as I am running out of space !

Hello back to you Chris ( wild rose). Will write to you soon. xxx

Thank you Drc726 that is a good idea if I decide not to use it.

31 Mar, 2019


If they are OK I would if I could but can't any more use the boards making flower box's or raised beds as you say or even a potting bench or table or a box for compost.

1 Apr, 2019


Yes Thrupenny, I fully intended to do this, but have to find room for them ! Maybe I could make smaller flower box's. Thank you for your input.

1 Apr, 2019


At least with flower box s you can move them around you could do window box s to if you have not enough room. If you bought a scrolling jig saw you could make different patterned edges.

1 Apr, 2019


Good idea Thrupenny. Thank you.

2 Apr, 2019


Good luck Rose . . . always fun to have a new project :)

2 Apr, 2019


Your welcome Rose.😊

2 Apr, 2019


My OH make me boxes out of recycled timber. He made each the right size to hold a square plastic planter. The pots can be changed without affecting the planter which are set on 2' x 2' timber to allow drainage as they sit on the concrete driveway.

4 Apr, 2019


Thank you Sheilabub.

Thank you Scotsgran. That is a really good idea!

6 Apr, 2019


What I should have said Scotsgran is...can you send your OH to our house ! Hahaa!

6 Apr, 2019


Not at the moment Rose. Lol. We are too busy.

7 Apr, 2019


Hi Rose.. I've added this blog to GoYpedia.

10 Apr, 2019


What did you do with the decking eventually Rose, I would like to know!

10 May, 2019

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