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Happy New Year to all my GOY friends !


May not have been on here recently , but have not forgotten any of you !
I have had to stay off the computer and just look at it now and then , due to an eye problem.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and hope 2018 is going to be a good gardening and healthy year!
Just a quick look at my garden last summer…

It was a good year for the roses…

With the help of my stepson Richard, a new bigger pond was installed and the small one made into a bog garden.

This hide away corner is getting smaller every year as everything grows around it !
I hope you enjoyed looking at these few pictures !
Take care ! xxx

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So pretty, and good to have memories of Summer when the sky outside is so grey.

Trust your eye problem will be resolved this year.

13 Jan, 2018


Rose your garden looks as beautiful as ever, a real haven.
The roses are gorgeous as is the pond area.
Thanks for coming back to us, it is lovely to see you again, even if you are 6 months younger than me!!

13 Jan, 2018


Lovely to see you again Rose,we have missed you,and your garden is looking beautiful,and so full of colour. I also like your pond area this the one you did yourself as a surprise gift for Rick ? I remember that so well :o)
Don't mind that cheeky Wildrose ! on the other hand,you are both much younger than me :o( ha ha xx

13 Jan, 2018


glad you have had your eye op and hope you make excellent progress over 2018. your garden looks lovely.

13 Jan, 2018


Its a lovely impressive garden Rose - so nice to see summer pictures in January too.
Eyes are so precious, sending best wishes for an improvement!

13 Jan, 2018


Great photos Rose. I love that rose arch.

13 Jan, 2018


Nice to hear from you Rose, and what a beautiful garden. You've got some gorgeous flowers especially your roses.

13 Jan, 2018


Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven. You have packed it with lovely plants. I do like your new pond and all your friends dotted around. Your hideaway corner must smell heavenly with all those roses.

13 Jan, 2018


Happy Healthy New year to you ! Love your hide away corner ?

14 Jan, 2018


Thank you Eirlys, I am afraid I am stuck with my eye problem ! After having both my cattarachs done, my right eye started with problems. First eye migraines, then an enormous floater. I saw the specialist who said that some gel had come away from the retina.My eye sight is very good , but I have to be careful with the right eye.

Hello Chris, you see I did take your advice and that's probably because you are older than me ! Hahaa!
We are both really pleased with the new pond and even have fish in it too!
Thanks for your lovely comments and for being a good friend. xx

Thanks Sandra . The pond is not the small one I did for Rick. That is now a bog garden and this one is much bigger, even if it doesn't look that big in the picture.
I will pop in now and again , but not as much as before.
Its so nice to know that I am still remembered !

Thank you Seaburngirl for your lovely comments.
Thanks Steragram. When I was doing this blog and putting my pictures on, it made me think that in no time at all, Spring will be here !

Thanks Karen I do love my roses !

Thank you Waddy. It is nice to be able to be back on here again !

Thank you Sheila ! is my bit of heaven ! Roll on the Summer !

Thanks Kidsgran and Happy New Year to you !

14 Jan, 2018


Hi Rose, nice to see you. Your garden was beautiful last year. I hope it will be even better this year lol ...
Take care x

14 Jan, 2018


It is freezing cold and too windy here today so I had a look at Aunt Molly's poems again. I also reread a lot of your earlier blogs and have had a hilarious time seeing your struggles with the water barrel and the cement pond. You are an inspiration. The only down side was the absent members who disappear and we are left wondering where they have gone.

14 Jan, 2018


I have spent a lovely rib bursting afternoon rereading some of your old blogs Rose. Your antics with the water barrel and the cement pond were hilarious. I also enjoyed reading Aunt Molly's poems again. I wonder what happened to some of the members who replied to your blogs and seem to have disappeared. Are they here as a different member?

14 Jan, 2018


Rose I'm delightful to hear from you again, I was quite concerned when not hearing from you , mind you I probably would not have been able to answer you last year, my goy pages got in a right strop and played me up for months, it was so frustrating and that is me being polite.
So sorry to hear you are still having eye problems, can they not do anymore to help you, I eventually got mine sorted after the opticians employed a new lady, the man I used to see had told me nothing could be done, then they couldn't find any of my records, in the end I was given an emergency appointment to see the specialist over at the hospital and then had my second operation within a month, I am and always will be partially blind in my left eye, still need the glasses to protect against the light but after all these years I can live with that..
Your garden looks great, loving the new pond and all the planting has come on in leaps and bounds, was very relieved to hear you had help with the new pond, I have never forgotten you nearly upending yourself in the other one Rose, we did have a lot of laughter over that one didn't we..
Like you I am longing for springtime, getting out in the warm and being able to garden without cumbersome jackets and wellies, I'm getting old methinks, the cold and wet no longer agrees with me, lol..Take care Rose and hoping 2018 is good for you xx...

16 Jan, 2018


Hello Sue, ( Lincslass) how nice to hear from you. Unfortunately nothing can be done with my right eye !
If my vision gets really blurred or it feels like a curtain coming down, then I have to go back to hospital to have my eye lasered. Don't like the sound of that !
As you will have read, my problem started after I had my cattarachs done.
I can't do as much as I used to either! I also have given my allotment up as Rick can no longer help me and I can't leave him for long as he sometimes falls when his bad leg gives way.
Take care xxx

Thank you Hywel and nice to hear from you !

Sheila, ( Scotsgran) I had to look through my blogs to find which ones you were talking about !
I am quite touched that you liked my Aunty Molly's poems. While I was looking through the blogs , I came across the one about " Two middle aged ladies " which I think I titled it " A story on a wet day " I had forgotten about that and I was in stitches when I read it again, especially as that really happened !
Its strange where a lot of Goyers have disappeared too ! Perhaps they will come back one day like I have ! xxx

17 Jan, 2018


Hello Rose, not just a good year for your Roses, but for the whole of your lovely garden by the looks of it! Packed full of gorgeous plants.

Sorry to read of your eye problems, but lovely to have you back on GoY. Take care ... :o)

17 Jan, 2018


That's sad Rose, sometimes the cataract ops are not straightforward, my right eye is perfect now, I did have it lasered two years after the op though, something to do with misalignment and apparently happens to many, if you do go and have yours done please don't worry about it, takes about 5 mins and honestly isn't as bad as having an ordinary eye test, my left one is the blurred one so between us we'll manage, of course I hope yours improves, you don't need headaches all the time, if I remember correctly Terra suffered with the floaters and therefore couldn't spend too long looking at the screen.
Your garden is enough for you Rose so giving up the allotment was the best thing, you'd have worn yourself ragged otherwise wondering if Rick was alright.
There are a lot of goyers out there still, I think the problem lies in the fact there are also a lot of gardening/sites to choose from, not enough hours to keep up with them all....

17 Jan, 2018


Hello Rose.....So lovely to have you back.....such a pretty garden.....can't imagine looking at roses in full bloom so dismal here.

20 Jan, 2018


Thanks Shirley and Julia! I hope to be back on here a bit more this year, but have to be careful how much I use the computer.I have missed being on Goy.

22 Jan, 2018

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