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Katie Chihuahua and Tiki Poodle


Are you wondering why my ID pix is a b/w chihuahua with big glasses-isn’t it cute???? The middle of Jan I bought my husband (early birthday present) a 10 wk old 8 oz Chihuahua-named her Katie after my Mom-she is quiet and learning to be well mannered-from the pix you’ll see her blaze markings and her applehead (the shape of head) which makes her very expensive. She thinks she’s a gardener-digs up rhubarb, carrots, eats lettuce, raspberries
and likes squash, gr beans and most vegs. She loves her big Sister Tiki Poodle and watches what she does and copies her. It’s so funny to watch. She is selfish like most babies, wants what her big sister plays with or eats, and when she runs past her she gives poor Tiki poodle body and hip slams that nearly knock her over. It’s no wonder Tiki hasn’t quite accepted her as yet-they play together just recently a little, and are now sleeping beside each other occasionally and I know that soon they will be great pals!!!! She loves her Mom & Dad and also loves to travel in our motorhome and sun herself in the hot weather in AZ. It’s almost time again.
We are truly dog lovers!!!!

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I love Katie's goggles. and I enjoyed your photos especially the ones of the cacti. What's AZ ?

10 Aug, 2008


Arizona I think

10 Aug, 2008


They sound like an adorable pair of dogs. You obviously get a lot of fun out of them.

12 Aug, 2008


Loved the piccy of little Katie, how is she doing now? I have a nearlly 4 year old chi, he is my second, but he has taken to chasing strangers!! does your little one do this?

12 Jan, 2010

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