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Raised Bed Kits

Buying a Raised Bed Kit

Raised beds are attractive and proctical

A Triangular raised bed with slug-deterring 'coppa stoppa' band.

Growing in raised beds offers many advantageous to all gardeners but not everyone has the time, money or inclination to build permanent beds from railway sleepers, bricks or stone.

Ranging from around £20 to over £100, raised bed kits are a cost effective way to get the benefits of a raised bed in just about any garden. You can compare the kits that are available from different websites in our garden centre section for raised bed kits. Or read on if you'd like to learn more.

Benefits of Raised Beds

Raised beds offer benefits to all gardeners, especially for those growing vegetables. Because raised beds are filled when they're built you can ensure you have a high quality growing medium without having to re-condition your existing soil. Un-compacting soil and adding organic matter can be a lot of hard work, especially if you have clay soil. Because they're above the level of you garden, raised beds also provide well drained conditions.

Raised beds help you to formalise and plan your garden; adding them defines the areas you use to grow and the paths to get around them. This ensures you can reach all parts of the bed without trampling on plants. Since raised bed kits are relatively movable, it's easy to correct any mistakes or accommodate a change of mind even after they've been laid.

Tall raised beds are easy to access

A tall raised bed, removing the need to bend low down.

Tall raised beds are available which are a couple of feet above the ground. These offer two benefits, the main one being that the bed is easy to reach without bending down and can make gardening possible for those who are less mobile such as wheel chair users and the elderly. The second benefit of tall raised beds is that all your plants are nearer eye level and more easily enjoyed.

Choosing a Raised Bed Kit

The cheapest raised bed kits start at around £20 but they can go to well over £100. The differences between the cheap kits and expensive kits are generally the quality of the construction and the materials they're made from.

Link A Bord raised beds fit together easily

Link A Bord kits give you control over shape and size.

The main consideration when buying a raised bed kit, as with most things in the garden, is space. It's worth measuring the area you want to place the raised bed to ensure you get the right size. Most raised bed kits are rectangular or triangular. If you have an odd shaped area you might find 'Link A Bord' kits very useful, they come as one metre long boards which can be slotted together to create beds of almost any size and shape.

When choosing the size, consider whether you will be able to reach all parts of the bed without treading on it. If your bed will be alongside a wall your access will be restricted to only 3 sides. If that's the case a narrower bed might ensure you can reach the back of the bed. A particularly high raised bed can also make access a lot easier, especially for those with limited mobility.

Traditional timber raised beds are attractive

A traditional timber raised bed with copper slug deterrent

After deciding what size you would like it's down to the design of the bed and any extras you would like. While the Link A Bord may provide flexibility of shape, they come in a green uPvC which may not be to everyone's taste. Timber raised beds are more attractive and have a rustic, more traditional appearance.

Additional Features

Additional things you might want to consider are beds sold with mini-greenhouses designed to fit the bed; the extra protection from frost will extend the growing season and mean you can plant seeds and seedlings much earlier.

Another innovation are raised bed kits with a 'Coppa Stoppa' feature to deter slugs and snails. The kits come with a copper strip running the length of each board to stop slugs and snails in their slimy tracks.

Where to buy raised bed kits

Websites selling cold frames online
What we think

Greenfingers stock a nice range of raised bed kits, including Link A Bord kits. They also stock the tallest raisd bed, ideal for ease of access.

Visit Greenfingers
Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural have a more limited range but stock items we haven't found elsewhere. They have received good feedback from our members. We have an exclusive 10% discount on raised beds at Harrod Horticultural. Simply enter "Grows on You" at the checkout to claim your 10% discount.

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Suttons Seeds

Sutton's Seeds have a range of raised bed kits, including several Link A Bord products.

Visit Suttons Seeds

Crocus include several wicker planters in with their raised beds if you want something bit different.

Make sure they deliver to your area using their map and postcode selector to check your address.

Visit Crocus

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