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Pressure washers

Buying a pressure washer

Pressure washers can be used around the garden for -

- cleaning tools

- cleaning drives, patios, decks, paths

pressure washer

A pressure washer will make short work of cleaning your yards, patios and paths

What is a bar?

A bar is a unit of pressure. The more "bar" your pressure washer has the more powerful it is. It is important to pick the right power washer for your garden based on the usage you intend.

While you are only going to need a low powered washer (100 bar) to clean your dirty tools you will need a more powerful (110+ bar) washer for your drives, patio etc. Since you are forking out for a pressure washer you are probably going to want it to wash your car too which is best done with a medium pressure model (between the two above). So unless you are only going to be cleaning your tools we would recommend a power washer over 110 bars that has an option to lower the pressure. (look out for the words "adjustable lance", "Hi/Lo settings" or more straightforwardly "adjustable pressure").

A number around in the pressure washer product titles e.g. Aquatak 110 Plus usually indicates the bar the product can throw out water at. All good retail websites should state the pressure within their product descriptions too.

Other things you may want to consider

- length of the hose

- any attachments that come with it (high pressure and fan nozzles/ lances)

- length of cable

- wheels so it is easily moved

- weight

Where to buy a pressure washer

If you are looking for a professional/ really heavy duty washer then take a look at Northern Tool.


Top products

These products have been popular with our community. If you are the thorough type, browse and compare all Pressure washers from loads of different merchants.

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