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Garden sprinklers

Buying a Garden Sprinkler

Looking to save time and keep your garden and lawn lush and green?

This guide helps you make up your mind on which type of sprinkler to get

There are several types of sprinklers you can buy for your garden. In this guide we take you through the options when buying a sprinkler, and reviews of websites where you can buy a garden sprinkler.

Where to buy a garden sprinkler

Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers have a head that moves from one side to another spraying a arch like stream of water across your garden.

oscillating sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler

Twin arm, dial, pulse and other revolving sprinklers

These sprinklers have a revolving head that give a soaking to a circular area. The main differences come in the number of streams of water that come out of them. Pulse sprinklers have intermittent streams of water coming out of it.

rotating sprinkler

A rotating sprinkler

Pop Up and underground Sprinklers

Pop up sprinkler system are foryou if you want to leave your sprinkler system set up all the time and want your hose pipe hidden from view (buried underground). They can often by combined with a watering computer to provided an automated sprinkler system.

Some retailers are now selling kits that include everything you need to get going but they will still take some planning and installation on your part to get the hose-pipes buried and the pop up sprinklers/ spikes placed in the right places.

popup sprinkler

A popup sprinkler

Hose-pipes and hose-pipe bans

Most sprinklers will be sold without a hose-pipe so make sure you have a standard one or buy a new one along with your sprinkler.

While we are on the subject of hose-pipes we must mention hose pip bans. In the UK water companies are known to place water restrictions, commonly called hosepipe bans, in times of water shortage. The water companies don't always place total bans and often have restrictions on the amount of usage e.g. certain number of hours a week. Sprinklers are nearly always covered by these restrictions.


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