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Chelsea chop


My sedum Herbstfreude always ends up keeling over in a big sprawl and bare in the middle. So I decided to give it the Chelsea chop and do some experimenting.
This pic shows the Chelsea today, put on lots of new growth

Today I used the Hampton court chop on a different plant, but also a S.Herbstfreude, I’ll be very interested to see how they both compare when (if) they flower…

Why is one photo the right way up and the other one not 🤔 I took them both in portrait mode.

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I give some of my plants the Chelsea chop too, especially Phlox, they seem to grow better. I've done it for years but didn't know it was called Chelsea chop until recently.
I've never heard of Hampton Court chop .
Good luck ! I hope you get lots of flowers on them.

Your photo may be the wrong way around if you took it with an ipad or something. It always happens.
I am old fashioned, I've only got a camera (although it is a digital one) I can't be doing with ipads, they are too fiddly, and you have to keep remembering where you've put them ... no good for me :D

8 Jul, 2019


Hywel I agree re cameras but I was over ambitious and bought a relly good one, and now I can't discover how to work it - the instruction manual is only available on line, is too long to print off and has no index. wish now i'd bought a point and click...
(Sorry to digress Resinone...)

8 Jul, 2019


I don't think there is such a thing Hywel, just called it that because Hampton Court is on now. No I just use my mob to take pics.
That made me smile Stera, although v annoying for you. I used to take all my photos in my french garden with a cheapie dig camera, always came out right and made fab pics. Alas she is no more!

8 Jul, 2019


Thanks for the explanation about those names :)

9 Jul, 2019


I Chelsea Chop a lot of my plants to stop them sprawling all over the place, they reward me by growing even better, lol...I find any photo's taken on my Samsung Tablet are always the wrong way round when I upload on here, I rotate them first and still it happens, lol...

9 Jul, 2019


Stera I've had my camera for many years, hubby downloaded the Pdf file, he also printed it off for me, its enormous and I find it very confusing, I have tried using it but forget halfway through reading what I was looking for in the first place, brain has gotten tired in recent years, anyway I also get bored with it, far too technical for me, trial and error is how I do it, take many shots of my subject using different settings, then I choose the best ones when I load them onto my laptop, delete what I don't want, thank goodness for digital, lol....

9 Jul, 2019


The Hampton Court chop made me smile - very inventive 🙂. I should have done that to some of my perennials before we went away, now it will just have to be the Chop!

21 Jul, 2019


I have downloaded the instructions Lincs, but balked at printing them off, the list is so long. There is no excuse for not having an index when everything is on the computer to start with - I don't understand why they haven't done it. I formatted the camera to restore it to how it was new and then immediately messed it up again. Anyway the things I wanted to photograph are past their best now...
Do you think I should give the camera the Chelsea chop???C

21 Jul, 2019

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