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end of season disappointment


What was your disappointment this year. Vegetables? Flowers? Lawn?
Mine was sweet peas.
This depressing sight is the remains of a rather classy willow basket I confidently expected to provide me with scented joy throughout the summer.
It was my first attempt at growing them and I carefully chose three single colour pots of seedlings – white, maroon and purple, which, combined, I thought would be rather classy too.
Well, the white hardly flowered at all, and I couldn’t see any difference between the other two, perhaps one of them didn’t flower either.
So it’s taken me no more than two minutes to pull out the sorry remnants. I put the basket up on wood blocks with slug pellets underneath to keep out the snails, although I gave up and let them get on with it a couple of weeks ago. I bought some new compost, and ‘miracle gro’ to water them with, but the rainy summer rendered that redundant.
I know the main problem is that I have barely enough sun in a good year, which this was not!
Will I try again? Well my neighbour, annoyingly, bought a cheap and cheerful mixed pot which gave a lovely (if brief) show. And I did invest quite a lot in that basket.

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Oh dear, what a pity, your basket would have been beautiful in a better year.
Don't give up on it, the idea is great and you still have the bare bones to recreate it next year. Surely the weather cannot be so unkind three years running.

26 Sep, 2008


Think hanging basket displays were very disappointing this year.Recall nurseries and garden centres selling off plants at greatly reduced rates due to poor weather.
Hedges and lawns have grown at a real rate and look so green and lush.

26 Sep, 2008


I think s. peas would prefer a deeper pot . Your basket is lovely. I commented on it before. Maybe try and grow the s. peas in the ground and something else in the basket. I'm sure it would look great.
My biggest disappointment was not being able to bring my new topsoil in during the summer and feeling as if everything I wanted to do has been delayed.
All the best, Hywel.

27 Sep, 2008


Thanks Hywel. I know most plants like to be in the soil, but this was on sale specifically for sweet peas, so in my ignorance I assumed it was designed with them in mind.
Shame about your topsoil. Indian summer days are lovely (stunning here this morning, what am I doing sitting in the kitchen?) but days too short and nights too cold.

27 Sep, 2008


I had mixed feelings about my hanging/wall baskets this year, Bb, thanks to Angie's advice on planting them up mine were better than usual but I had hoped for a bigger improvement .... the weather has to account for the short-fall.
The main disappointment in my garden was in the veg patch. Due to my Father's terminal illness I had to be away from home too long and too often during the summer. The momentum was lost in sowing, planting and general care, the slugs and snails had a field-day! Not so much while the cat's away as while the gardener's away :-)
Canker is also threatening my Bramley tree, I hope by cutting out the affected wood to give it a new lease of life, otherwise next year it may make way for cordons.

27 Sep, 2008


I had no luck with sweet peas this summer, either. they came up but just didn't bother to try...last year they were beautiful and had to look to other successes to ease the sting of that failure... always another season just around the corner...hope you have better luck next year..and I agree with the good advice to plant them in the ground not in a pot.

2 Oct, 2008


You're right Lori. Each season has it's own highs and lows, and you never know what to expect. Last year, out of the blue after over at least 15 happy years, a chaenomeles japonica on the front wall sickened and died. I wonder if your weather conditions are similar to UK?

2 Oct, 2008


Our summers are a bit hotter I think...but our winters are MUCH colder...and longer. Alas! Your climate is Mid-Latitude Marine and mine is sub-arctic!...Just kidding! the N.A. land mass is so huge that many areas don't have the tempering effect of a large body of water and as a result we experience extremes, and all four seasons are quite distinct.
It is sad to lose a plant, especially a favourite.

2 Oct, 2008


YES. Try again and don't give up. The UK has had two crap summers in a row. 3rd time lucky?!

24 Oct, 2008

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