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Rigging up seed propagation


The deal on the house seems to be going ok (knock on wood), there is still some paperwork left to go in closing, but we have an agreement. I have no idea what our move in date will be, because of course there have been a few delays from when we originally made up the contract.

But since I’m such an eager beaver, I had to get some tomato seeds started last night! My husband thinks my over-excitement is really humorous. At this rate, I’ll probably have the backyard roto-tilled before we’ve even moved any furniture.

I’m a little concerned about my propagation set-up though. I set my seeds in a potting mix in little egg-carton cups inside an old 10 gal aquarium with a “full spectrum” plant bulb in the hood. Then I set the whole thing on a radiator to keep it warm.

I have read a lot about how you “need” a fancy seed heating mat, and “need” certain kinds of bulbs and whatnot. But really, plants want to grow, right? It’s not like I’m trying to grow something fancy. Moisture, light, warmth and a substrate are all they really need… surely.

Does anyone have any experience with propagating from seed with a hackneyed setup? Do you have to have a fancy expensive set-up? I’m sure more money ensures more successful germination, but this isn’t the time to throw a lot of money into fancy equipment (that I currently don’t have any place to store in my one bedroom apt… soon a garage and a basement will be mine!).

I guess in about a week I’ll know if they’ll germinate anyway.

Oh yes, the varieties: Martino’s Roma Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Romanesco Broccoli (the kind that looks like fractals!) and Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry.

Maybe if I have some luck getting these guys started, in a few weeks I’ll start some herbs and onions.

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Glad to hear that the deal on the house is going well. You'll be there digging in the dirt before you know it.
Good Luck !

13 Mar, 2008


Seeds in a plant pot in ordinary seed compost with a polythene bag over the top. I sat these on a bright window sill and let them do their thing. Came up a treat - tomatoes and sweet peas.
Good luck with them

13 Mar, 2008


Oh I simpathise ...I've been there. Glad you had success with your house negotiations...Word to the wise..get very interested in soil...
When I moved into my house I had a roundmouth spade and that was it... I have a lovely collection of rocks...and rubble from my digging of beds...Some was useful for berm foundations and adding some topography to my boring green carpeted back fence, just a shed...and the neighbours animals and kids... The town I live in has been an industrial centre until recently...and I didn't trust the subsoil..nevermind trust the topsoil...I don't grow veggies. I'd be afraid to eat them.
Is your house in a new subdivision or are you moving into a lovely older established place...? If it's a I said previously...get interested in soil and invest in a composter... Very best wishes..lots of luck.

13 Mar, 2008


I just sprinkle tomato seeds onto the surface of a pot of compost and place on a kitchen windowsill until germinated. Then, pot up individually and put out in the cooler greenhouse. I remember as a kid spreading the juice and seeds from a tomato onto the surface of a pot of compost and keeping in my bedroom, under the light of a desk-lamp. Even they grew!

14 Mar, 2008

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