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packing peanuts

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I have very large planters that i do not want to fill up with soil as it will be to heavy to move. Someone recommended utilizing those packing peanuts as a filler for about 3/4 of the planter and then filling up the remainder with soil. Has anyone ever done this? Do you think the packing peanuts will crumble after a while from the water/ Does anyone have any other ideas what i could use as a "filler" for all that space. PLEASEW advise as I want to put in some plants ASAP. Thanks. My e mail is



I have created fillers using burlap bags filled with wood chips. Allows drainage, is light weight enough to move if well drained, can be adjusted to fit the planter. Burlap will eventually rot but it provides a platform for your soil.

5 May, 2008


I use packing peanuts in my potted plants all the time! Never 3/4 full though. They're light weight, an displace soil for drainage, however, depending on what they are made of, eventually they will discolor the water. I love em-I also use mulch in the bottom of my containers if it is very large

6 May, 2008


I've been using polystyrene from packaging for appliances, broken into big shards, to do the base of our medium large planters - aids drainage too!

6 May, 2008


I have used plastic coke bottles make sure the top is still on, so it won't collapse. I have big planter that I use the 2 liter ones and 20 oz. ones in the smaller planters......... smiles

6 May, 2008

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