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Sprinkling salt around Asparagus?


By Buddyob

Eau Claire Wisconsin, United States Us

I've heard that is you sprinkle salt around asparagus plants that it kills the weeds and grass but will allow the asparagus to grow. Is this correct?

On plant Asparagus



Hello Buddyob......only put salt on your asparagus when you're just about to eat it!!LOL Please don't put salt on your soil...If you don't like grass growing around your asparagus, I'm afraid your best option is to carefully remove it with a fork... loosen the soil so that you can more easily pull the grass clumps but not disturb the asparagus roots too much. Maybe you could use a mulch next season? .

5 May, 2008


I agree totally with Lori - salt causes ex-osmosis - it sucks water out of plant roots - this would kill the weeds, but the salinated soil would also be poisenous to your asparagus and lasts a long time. Not good idea!

6 May, 2008

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