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Rooty soil

manchester, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all. I did have a very messy garden of which I dug over and weeded. I waited for anything to grow because the soil was rooty, of which nothing grew which was great however would it be possible to start planting new plants in the ground? There are still bits of old roots in the ground but more like strands rather than clumps. Do I need to use lots of compost? Again...I'm new to gardening and any useful answers would be appreciated



Should be okay, but remove as much of the rooty stuff as you can when you plant things. You should really dig in organic material (like organic compost from the garden centre) and perhaps some chicken manure pellets, then lots of Growmore, plant up and then water. I'm slightly concerned about the number of roots and what they look like - are any of them slightly fleshy, whitish and about the thickness of a small child's paintbrush? I'm thinking bindweed - don't know how long you waited after turning it over for regrowth, but if it was more than 5 weeks or so, then it's probably okay. What was growing in it that made so much root material?

16 Jun, 2009


Well rotted manure and topsoil is better than compost as compost dries out and isnt very good at holding on to nutrients. It makes the soil look and feel better but not much else

16 Jun, 2009


I did have a lot of blue bells in the garden, there were also a lot of weeds and there was what looked like a dieing bush in the garden. They all pulled up quite easy. Next door have an aful lot of ivy that has over grown into our garden, of which I have pulled off the fence as much as I can my side. I suspect that some of the roots my come from there, along with some of the selfsetting trees that I managed to pull up before they got bigger than twig size.

I have left the garden for a fair few weeks and nothing has grown as of yet. I will do as you suggest then bamboo and nicky08 thanks.

18 Jun, 2009

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