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When is it best to feed garden peas?


By Rewood

United Kingdom

I have grown peas for a few years now, but they haven't been that good for the past two seasons. I was wondering when anyone thinks it is best to feed them. I dug in some manure and compost in the early spring, but they have had nothing since. They are in full flower now.




This is my first year of growing peas but I went on '' to find advice... If you have lots of leafy growth but a reduced crop it may be due to an over rich soil. Although, as you say you have dug in manure and compost in early spring only, try putting down more organic material. [Dont add nitrogen to soil] Most varieties of peas will stop producing pods if the temperature exceeds 20 degrees [70f]. I'm sure more experienced GOY'ers will have more advice.

13 Jun, 2009

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