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Hi again everyone, lol feels like i missed being here, could anybody give me advice on my dahlia,i dug it up as it was the only 1 out of 6 not showing any signs of growth,well i dug it up and all the leggy things seem in order but they all disconnected from the weird top bit(connector lets say) ive put them out in the sun to dry for a bit and then was thinking of either storing them or replanting them individually in pots, though there arent any new shoots or anything coming of it, what would you experts say, any help would be appreciated



I reckon it's had it - chuck it out.

11 Jun, 2009


the leggy things are food storage and the stem they connet to should have had the buds to grow. i'd repot them and put somewhere out of the way. keep an eye on them and if nothing happens during this year chuck them.

11 Jun, 2009


I'm in the same boat. Dug up a Dahlia that hadn;t grown back - most of the legs were rotton so I chucked 'em. But 3 were still firm. No shoots attached tho. So, I've stuck them in a pot of compo and I'll just see what happens. Don't store them - they won't store till next year.

11 Jun, 2009


ill give it ago, bamboo you might be right but is worth a shot with the patience,cheers for all your help and good luck with yours sid, quite annoying really because i like symetrical things and its gonna blown it out of proportion now,nature 1, me 0

11 Jun, 2009


Thanks Fg, I'll see how they go - we might get lucky ;-)

Just noticed you're in Hereford - me too! That makes three for us I think....always nice to have reinforcements on here lol Welcome to GoY.

13 Jun, 2009

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