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Very poorly Lavatera!

West Somerset, England Eng

Please does anyone know what would make a perfectly healthy Lavatera suddenly appear to be at death's door? It was fine last time I looked at it - possibly two/three days ago. I cut it back in early spring as usual and it was shooting happily. Look at it now!

On plant Lavatera




Is there a disease prelevant at the moment that is hitting Lavatera hard ? I had a Lavatera x clementii Barnsley which has been happily growing in my garden for several years now but this spring it has disappeared without trace.

4 May, 2008


I had a large Lavatera a few years ago and it suddenly wilted in spring, like yours. I didn't know what was wrong with it but it seemed to revive all an its own. I've also heard that they are short-lived plants , and it is best to keep taking cuttings. I hope this doesn't dishearten you. How old is your Lavatera?

4 May, 2008


Have you had frosts recently? how was it through that bit of late snow you had? (Or were you fortunate enough to miss that?) If it's a virus best to destroy it. sad to say.. my sympathies.

4 May, 2008


We haven't had any snow at all this last winter, and the last frost was some weeks ago. This 'wilt' has only just happened.... I was going to dig it up but I'll leave it for a while to see if it revives. It is a cutting, it's now 18 months old.

4 May, 2008


I have heard (after mine died) that Lavatera do have a habit of suddenly dieing unexpectedly - they are considered short lived shrubs. Can't quite recall whether it was related or not, but they are prone to 'wind rock', which can damage the roots. Mine was definately loose in the ground when it died, despite having been staked to support it. Is yours loose?

5 May, 2008


I shall go and have a look in the morning. I like Lavatera! I was considering planting something else instead but I think I will buy a new one.

5 May, 2008


When should my Lavetera flower.I have loads of foliage but no buds as yet please advise many thanks..

3 Jun, 2011


Hallo - mine has buds on it, and they should start to open in July. Look carefully - you should be able to see signs of buds, I'd have thought.

4 Jun, 2011

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