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2 IDs please!? and one further query... If anyone has time (I hear it might be SUNNY in UK this weekend!) please could you let me know what these might be
(1) &(2) this is surely a weed and not very prepossessing BUT I noticed last evening that the bees seem to love it which may be why the guy who cuts my grass carefully edges round it (he keeps bees...)! Is it noxious? a thug? - if not I guess live & let live...
(3) this has appeared unwanted in a (neglected) flower bed. I think it might be a seedling from 2 small trees further down garden, which have white flowers with dark eye, later in Summer. If so, can I move it without killing it? and how/when/into what? Many thanks, everyone!

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Thanks so much 'Bilbobaggins'!

I think you're right it must be Hibiscus syriacus; the pic on the French version of Wiki looks just like my 2 little trees (1 white, 1 mauve) and this might be a seedling tho' the leaves seem paler than the mature trees? If it is, I need to get rid of it (currently sitting in a mean-sized flowerbed (2ft wide at most, directly under a window!) but if I could save it perhaps to pass on elsewhere, they are very pretty (previous owner must have loved them, she has planted 3 more in a small raised bed!!! - the other side of the house where she has also included 2 other large shrubs, one is a japanese quince and the other unknown... Raised beds are good for me, large shrubs are not! (can't climb to prune...) I have a neglected kerria and massive rhododendron to cope with already, and no idea how to talk to them...)

Re Bethany I can't find this, too many other refs on Google? but if that's what it is I'll zap it from the middle of my hydrangea etc., but leave it elsewhere! My 'lawn' (vast stretch of meadow grass) is amusing as the neighbour who cuts it for me swerves round any "weeds" that his bees love! - it makes for lovely honey, but a slightly eccentric patch... (he also leaves greater celandine as it cures warts! - yep, we ARE in deepest rural France...)

Ps (not strictly gardening-related I know - unless you count the Gamgees in LOTR!) but I guess from your username you are a Tolkien fan as I am?)

22 Jul, 2012


Hey Bilbob it didn't have a flower just these berry-type thingys which the bees seem to feed from. I've since been told it's a nightshade and probably poisonous but I'm intrigued since even my grass-cutting bee-keeping neighbour doesn't know what it's called but says I'm on no account to zap it (that's what French blokes are like, bossy!) Thanks for your interest...

28 Jul, 2012

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