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sandy soil


By Skye

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we live in a very cold winter climate with lots of snow. we also live on a main route which is sanded alot. each year we have to re-seed the lawn at the edge near the road. because of the amount of ice on the roads calls for a lot of sand, grass will not grow back each year. what can i do to make the area attractive in the summer. thank you



Perhaps consider Zennia - some flower from seed in less than 2 months. Lots of colors. Suggested because cutting causes more blooms - on the roadside will survive occasional "car attacks" and mowing mistakes! Inexpensive, variety of blooms

3 May, 2008


Whats the drainage like? You probably have road salt build up...I live on a busy suburban street and I have the same problem in my front garden with salt spray... I wash my garden down every spring. and if we have a nice rainy April I don't have to. I would suggest googling " salt tolerant plants" see what comes up. include groundcovers in your search for low growing plants. Otherwise some types of the older var. of daylily are remarkably salt tolerant.
What about Hens and Chicks or some type of succulent?
good luck.

4 May, 2008

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