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Fungus on new lawn


By J2o

United Kingdom Gb

Any idea what this fungus is on our new lawn. Compost was put down on the soil and the turf laid on top of this but all joints and edges now have this fungus growing through - help!




hi looks bad you could us jays floidto get rid watched allen vs predator could be won of them / jim

2 May, 2008


UGH! Poor you! I suggest a book from the library or a google on fungus to identify it if nobody on GOY knows.

2 May, 2008


I checked my fungus book - thought it was either a Jewsear fungus or an Orange peel fungus, but actually does not look alot like either. I'm sure I've seem this one in my own garden, tho. It is a jelly fungus and they usually live on dead organic matter under the soil - could there be an old dead tree root or a piece of timber buried just there? They are harmless to your garden (but some are poisenous if eaten - not deadly, would just cause sickness).

5 May, 2008

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