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hi everyone,i was wondering if you could tell me what to do with my poppies,there the really big ones,i planted 2 last year without realising they multiplied like crazy,my question is now thats theyve all flowered and theyv dropped off,selfseeded etc whats the best thing to do now ,to tidy them up abit and to ensure they return nxt year,thanks for any help



If they're the big ones, as you put it, they'll be back alright, it's getting rid of them that's difficult! Trim off the flowering stalks, and you'll probably find the foliage starts to die back and when it does, you can trim that back too.

3 Jun, 2009


so after the flowering stalks are off,leave the stalk etc? would it be ok to loosely tie them all together just to keep them out of the way,also is that them done for the year now? i remember last year i had one flower from each for less than 10 minutes and that was it,was better this year,think couple of days for each flower,would be nice if they kind of repeat though

3 Jun, 2009


Sounds like you have oriental poppies. They usually only have one brief flush of flower. You can cut off the flower stem right back as you dont want to self seed again. Then if the leaves are looking a bit tatty, then cut them back, give them a good feed and water and they will grow nice fresh leaves, occasionally you may get a few more flower stalks. There will be a gap in the border but if you plan around it with something else it can look ok

3 Jun, 2009


yeah think that sounds about right , thankyou

4 Jun, 2009

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