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I removed the Antirrhinums 'Braun-blanquetii' from my fence border yesterday. They were like mini-shrubs and had flowered for two summers. I have another packet of seeds, and wondered if I could sow them under cover now and get early plants to go in next spring.

Has anyone tried that, please? The packet says sow them between Jan. and March.

On plant Antirrhinum



I collect the seeds from my A.Crimson Velvet each year and save them until the following spring. Any self sown seedlings don't usually appear until spring so I guess that gives you the clue. From experience I have found that they don't like propagators. I might let them germinate with bottom heat then must take them out immediately before they damp off. They must be outside as soon as possible.

16 Jul, 2012


I get some self germination in autumn if there has been a cold spell then it warms up. Try popping some into a pot in the fridge for a week and bring them out. worth a try. if they dont germinate leave them until tthe spring and they probably will germinate.

16 Jul, 2012


I might hedge my bets and sow half of the packet. Thanks for your thoughts! :-)

16 Jul, 2012


Well, I did the deed. I sowed an old packet and the new one yesterday. Fingers crossed! I'll get another packet next spring if they don't germinate.

29 Jul, 2012

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