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green/black flies.

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

hi everybody. i hav tried the non chemical way but it doesnt seem to work. my strawberries and clematis are covered in them. is there anything else i should try. chemicals and the like.regards; scousemonk.(john.)



The clematis is easy, buy a systemic spray that kills aphids, but you can't use that on your strawberries, not if you want to eat them anyway. Not sure which ones are safe for food plants, better check out the labels on the bottles.

2 Jun, 2009


provado ultimate bug killer is food safe and will get rid of your problem.

2 Jun, 2009


Yeah, you say the ' none chemical way ', does this mean that you've tried about 1/4 of teaspoon of fairy liquid in 500ml of water in an atomiser ? Or suidging the little blighters inbetween your finger tips ?

2 Jun, 2009


Please keep trying with the water and squidging techniques. You will get a pest/predator balance in time. If you use a chemical spray, you will kill all the natural predators of the aphids too eg ladybirds and you will keep getting infestations that you cannot control. Yesterday I saw two blue tits hanging from a climbing rose feasting on the aphids that I know are on there. Encouraging birds into your garden will also help with your aphid problem. Please don't spray!

3 Jun, 2009


I'm with Louloubelle on that one too! Seaweed solution spray is a good one, pests detest the taste of it, and it's organic! I use it on my strawb's and everything else!

Also, if you're not too squeamish, you could just try squishing them with your thumb and forefinger!

3 Jun, 2009


I,d try water and vinegar a quite weak solution,

5 Jun, 2009

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