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Hi I have some Euonymus plant (green and white) in my window box but it seems to always develope a white powdery substance on its leaves - bit like I'd shaken talc over the plant. It does not seem to be damanging the plant but does not look very nice - is there anything I can do about this. It has happened before the plants I had in the same window box.

Also my holly in a pot is dying any suggestions - I don't have access to ground just pots and containers.



You could try spraying the euonymus with an anti fungal treatment - it might be powdery mildew. When you emnpty the container make sure yu washit very thoroughly and possibly treat that with anti fungal as well, in case the spores are overwinteriing there. If the container is wooden this is even more likely.

Is the holly in a big enough container?

11 Jul, 2012


Sounds like powdery mildew on the euonymus. You can get sprays that will deal with it from most DIY sheds/big garden centres and there are various suggestions for organic methods on the net including a 10% solution of milk and 90% water. I've no idea if the organic methods work.

Just type ... "how to treat powdery mildew" into Google and there's lots of links.

11 Jul, 2012

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