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japanese ferns


By Shazza

United Kingdom Gb

i planted japanese ferns in my front garden 1 month ago. they do not seem to be growing look as if they are dying any help would be really grateful thanks



Are they in shade? They like moist and shady conditions.

1 May, 2008


yes .they just don't seem to healthy

1 May, 2008


Are they Japanese Painted Ferns? If so, the ones in my greenhouse are up and looking beautiful, but hte ones in my garden are only just starting to come up. I wonder, did you buy them 'in leaf' from a garden centre and plant them out this spring? If so, then might have got a bit too cold for them. If this is the case they should bounce back once conditions improve for them,

1 May, 2008


yes bought them in leaf condition from a garden centre they said to plant them in my garden right away as soon as i got home. thanks to all who has took time to reply

2 May, 2008

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