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Laurel bushes approximately 2 months old


By Mairtin

United Kingdom Gb

We've just planted the above hedges around the whole of our garden(approx 100 bushes all 4ft or so high). What should we be doing to ensure proper care & growth?

many thanks



They should be putting on new growth now, or have just done that. Give them a feed with a liquid fertilizer, I would use the Miracle Grow in the hose and fit it on the end of your garden hose. Give them a good mulch with compost and bark chippings in the Autumn ready for the cold spell. Trim any growth which grows out too far and when the hedge has reached your required height, keep cutting off any top growth to keep the shrubs compact and healthy. I would use secatuers to do this and not a hedge trimmer as the leaves are big and if they split they will go brown and look unsightly. Give them a feed early next Spring before they start to put on their new growth. If you do all of the above, you should have some happy healthy plants for years to come.

28 May, 2009


Watering regularly during dry spells is the most crucial thing. These plants are evergreens and so suffer water loss when it's dry, particularly being planted at this time of year, so water, water, water, unless you live somewhere very wet with high precipitation. If you didn't put any feed in when you planted, while Miracle Gro's fine, it's expensive - buy some Growmore, chuck it round the plants and lightly hoe or fork it in. You'll only need to do that once this year now, and it should be before the end of June.

28 May, 2009

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