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By Rogger

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Does anybody have any suggestions where I could get a large number of plants to cover a large area? I particularly like Hypericum. Does anybody know of a good cheap source where I could buy a large number at a resonable amount? I have seen them advertised at nearly £10 per plant. Couldn't even consider that.

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Have a look on ebay.

5 Jul, 2012


You could try asking on free cycle sites?

5 Jul, 2012


The cheapest way to DIY is to use seed. It takes time and patience. Getting cuttings from friends and family, restruants, parks etc.

If you have a local garden centre - not a chain - say I have £100 to spend on the most plants (say what plants) and they will give you a good deal.

6 Jul, 2012


Hi, if you live near a veg/flower wholesaler ( it will be in the yellow-pages) you can go along there and you will get it all a lot cheaper than at a nursery. Dont forget , the price they quote you is without vat, so you need to add that in. Hypericum spreads quite quickly so go for mature plants rather than lots of tiny ones. Lynda

6 Jul, 2012


Depending which variety of Hypericum you want, google hypericum hedging - buying from a hedge specialist on line is probably the cheapest solution. They supply the plants bare root usually in autumn, which is what makes them cheaper. It just depends which variety you're after.

6 Jul, 2012

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