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would like to build a wildlife pond


By Alley

in my allotment, my daughter who is 5 has been learning about tadpoles and frogs etc at school and got me thinking about maybe building a simple wildlife area in the corner of my allotment to encourage frogs and suchlike, bonus as they love to eat slugs, have no idea how to start !!! please any advice on how to build a simple no pennies spent wildlife pond please !!! thank you



Okay, this is very simple. you obviously need a waterproof container !!!!. Over the years I have used washing up bowls, dustbin lids, large pots which I 've sealed over the drainage holes, half barrels and pond liners. Literally anything waterproof goes. Wildlife is just drawn to water no matter the size or shape.Doesn't need to be that deep.Personally I would sink whatever container you use into the ground but its not really necessary just more asthetically pleasing. You need to surround the container with some kind of cover so frogs etc. have some safety ,shelter and shade. - maybe a fern or two. Or largish stones. They do like to bake in the sun !! The more cover the better but it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Even twigs etc. You need nooks and crannies If you use a liner you just decide he size and shape and bury it from about 10" - 20". Thats it. The water will inevitably turn murky but dont worry the muckier the better.

25 May, 2009

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