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Identify houseplant?

Ohio, United States Us

My daughter gave this plant to me yesterday - I have no idea what kind of plant it is. Can anyone help?




Hi there, are the leaves 'downy' with quite long flower tubes coming from the base of the leaves?

7 Jul, 2007


I'm sure it's a gloxinia! Should flower for a couple of months in bright light (not direct sun) Stand pot on damp pebbles and keep water off leaves when you water it (tepid temp). Lovely present from your daughter.

7 Jul, 2007


My first thought was a gloxinia too, it's pretty!

7 Jul, 2007


I compared some pictures and it's a gloxinia. Sounds like it will be a bit challenging to nurse back to health but I'll give it a try...I'm so glad I found this site today! I have lots of questions about my plants and now I have people to ask - a big thank you to all three of you!

7 Jul, 2007


Just saved one of these from the toss it shelf. I knew I'd find a conversation with my care answer someplace. Thanks Spritz! You think with the Saintpaulia would be a good spot?

2 Oct, 2009


I believe you treat them exactly as you would African Violets. Don't over water. Only water when the soil is dry. Lots of light. etc.

2 Oct, 2009


Thanks. That is what I was thinking, but I'm intimidated by its size. Its large! I really am tested finding a spot. 15 big blooms and more buds and only $5!

2 Oct, 2009


Wow GT....What a great deal.

5 Oct, 2009

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