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How much should I cut back my Chrysanthemums?

devon, United Kingdom Gb

I have a bush chrysanthemum and would like to know if someone can tell me how much i should cut it back in autumn as I didnt cut back last year and its gone all over the place. It was like a ball when bought and would like to get it back to a ball.

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Chrysanths grow from a 'stool' - a plate of roots where shoots form. Cut all growth back to the stool (ie about 1" from the ground) in late autumn. I'm afraid you probably wont get it back to a 'ball'. Professional growers often use chemicals with these plants to keep them low and compact. Depending on where you got the plant and how much you paid for it, you might find it's 'natural' height is up to about 2.5 - 3 foot, or you might be lucky and have one that is naturally low and compact. Hope this helps.

30 Apr, 2008


Thanks sid ,, very helpfull indeed.

1 May, 2008

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