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Can I prune Photinia Red Robin

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 Photinia Red Robins that have grown to approximately 2 metres tall and are 2 years old. Is it possible to prune these back to around 30cm as they have grown too tall.



The best time to prune them is when the new red growth has turned green which should be soon. I give my hedge a light trim each year and that helps it remain nice and bushy. But did you mean cut it down to 30cm from the ground ( I expect it will survive but sounds a bit severe ) or did you mean trim off 30cm lengths from the top which sounds fine.

20 May, 2009


Thanks for the answer. I have now pruned the 2 shrubs I have, by around 60cm's and they are looking much better. Claire.

26 May, 2009

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