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I would be grateful for instructions for new Hardy Gardenia plants



I've got one of these, had it nearly 3 years. Mine was a small plug initially - I've found it to be very slow growing. It seems to prefer acidic compost, and is probably best in a pot rather than the ground. It flowered well last year for such a small plant, and is starting to flower again now - I have it on a southfacing, sheltered balcony. I know that other people find they're poor growers, particularly in the ground. Its been outside for the last 3 winters, but of course, a southfacing sheltered balcony is not fully exposed to the elements. It does seem pretty hardy though.

25 Jun, 2012


I got 3 of these for the first time this year and I agree with Bamboo, mine are also slow growing and in pots, I have had a few flowers. As I now realise they are quite slow I have planted a few other annuals in the pot with it until it gets going.

25 Jun, 2012


IThank you for responses, much appreciated I bought 2 of these hardy plants online with no instructions, I also checked 2 of my gardening books to no avail, so was left clueless.

26 Jun, 2012


It was a fairly recent introduction, this hardy Gardenia, Elizabeth - its not in any of my books either, along with loads of other new plants which have come onto the market. I think there is info on line about it though...

26 Jun, 2012


Thank you, will check again


26 Jun, 2012

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