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By Sueduck

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I have just purchased a mexican fortune tree, and would you be able to advise on its care.



I,m sorry its not a tree that I know do you have its latin name or any more info please

24 Jun, 2012


I think its a pachira aquatica if thats any help Thank you

24 Jun, 2012


Sorry still no idea,. Someone will probably know,. I,ll be interested to learn more about it

24 Jun, 2012


Pachira aquatica is a native of central and south america, it grows in swamps, {hence the name} and is tender and will not grow in England unless you can recreate a tropical swamp in your greenhouse, Derek.

24 Jun, 2012


It is grown here as a houseplant. If you Google it, you will find the conditions it requires.

24 Jun, 2012

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