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Are these scabiosa plants or not?


By Lmorgan

Wexford, Ireland Ie

My first year sowing from seeds and I have 1 tray unlabelled - they are growing at a fantastic rate but I have no idea what they are!! Can you help... I think they might be scabiosa, the first true leaves are dark green, oval and appear to have spikes on them (bumpy at the very least). not much info I know but I have nothing to lose. Thanks in advance




post a photo for us to look at please Lmorgan... remember they a say a picture paints a thousand words :-)

18 May, 2009


i have some baby scabiosa but the leaves are long and slender and smooth.

18 May, 2009


They look like the teasel seedlings I have, are their small spines on the leaves?

18 May, 2009


definitely not scabious but very like teasel as madmum suggests.

18 May, 2009


Thanks to all for such quick replies... Teasel! I have planted Teasel, but I thought they were in a rather smaller round pot - that have the label "Teasel" on them!! Yes, they have spines on the leaves so I tend to believe you... Lessons to learn, I have obviously not been very diligent with my labelling. Thank you all... What am I going to do with all these Teasel - must consult the packet again!

19 May, 2009

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