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Lobelia shoots..

Powys, United Kingdom Gb

I planted some lobelia seeds in small pots indoors, about 4 weeks ago, now the shoots are growing and thriving, when should I pot them outside?



Prick them out in little bunches first, grow them on a bit longer then harden them off - that won't take too long at this time of year! You will get them out in about 3 weeks, I reckon!

17 May, 2009


What does prick them out mean? Or harden them off? Sorry, I'm completely new to gardening!!

17 May, 2009


It means pot them into larger pots Katerose.....Spritz says little bunches, as they are small and difficult to do seperately. Then when they're a bit bigger (they'll soon grow with more space) You can stand them outside for a week or so...careful about slugs or snails though as they would really enjoy them! I use slug pellets and 2 or 3 in your pots should save them.....:o) Good luck!

17 May, 2009


Sorry I confused you, Katerose!
Thanks Janey for explaining so well.

17 May, 2009


I'd done some myself this last weekSpritz and they are so fiddley!

17 May, 2009


I agree. They just have to be little bunches, don't they!

17 May, 2009

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