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Why does my New Zealand Tea Tree look like it's dying?


By Goddena

United Kingdom Gb

It is now about 7 foot high. It has grown exceptionally well and usually has loads of lovely pink flowers and continues to do so for many months.
However, this year the bark looks very dry, and the flowers are in bud - but are dead and drop off when you touch them.
I was told that it would need little attention, although I do make sure it doesn't dry out too much.

Can you suggest what I can do to 'revive' it, or will it come around on it's own accord again, as it is usually such a beautiful looking tree?

On plant Leptospermum scoparium



Many plants suffered with the winter we have just had and your leptospermum, not being very hardy, is one of them. Scratch away a little bark on the main stem just above the soil - if it shows green, it is still alive but if it is brown or grey, then I'm afraid it has perished due to the cold weather

17 May, 2009


Have also lost 2 leptospermum this year. One (red) has been in the ground for 6 years and been Ok but only the growth protected by the fence survived the low temperatures last winter. I cut all the dead off but decided it would never make a decent shape plant again so regretfully dug it out and will get another, maybe put some fleece over it next year. The other one (pink) had been in a pot for several years and put under cover in winter. Last winter I decided to leave it out and it is now very dead! They are so beautiful when in flower they are worth a bit cosseting. It seems that the red is more hardy than the pink as I have lost 3 of these to frost over the years.

18 May, 2009

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