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moving wisteria

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I have a wisteria that I've had near my patio for several years. I want to move it away from it. Can I move it? It has been growing into a fence we want to remove. Can I train it into a tree now? How can I move it? It has never bloomed.



I think this depends on the size of the plant. I've never moved one, and I don't know if they mind being moved or not - I would be inclined to think not however. It will also not bloom after being moved for several years. If you do move it, don;t train it up a tree - wisteria gets BIG and will eventually swamp the tree, it will also strangle it with those twining stems. Good luck whatever you do!

29 Apr, 2008


Thanks for your imput. I wasn't planning on growing the wisteria on a tree, I had read somewhere that you could make a wisteria like a tree and not just a climbing bush. I'm hoping that whatever I use to grow the wisteria on will hold up for a long time. Got any suggestions on what would be the best thing for it to climb on?

30 Apr, 2008

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