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oleander bush

I want to know if there is any other plants that resemble the oleander without being poisonous, I have a yellow plant that looks just like an oleander but when I pull a leaf or tear leaf in half I don't see any sap. I am concerned because I have a new puppy that chews on everything and I was given this plant with no name. I have already planted it. Should I take it back out? I have no image to give but the pictures of the flowers and leaves are same. Please help. Thanks-Cindy



Most plants will be posionous in some form or other maybe you can put up wire netting around the plants you don't want your puppy to 'eat', your new addiction needs to be trained well otherwise you will not have much of a garden left to enjoy.....but then again pets or children doesn't equal a show garden although some of us would wish it was so! Good luck with the training. ;o)

27 Apr, 2008 has a good photo of yellow oleander - see if it matches your blooms. You can also Google "pets poison plants" for a number of sites listing what could endanger your little one. When you see those lists you will see why Helofadigger recommentd training the pet - lots of plants on those lists

27 Apr, 2008

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