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Mushrooms in my compost

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Is it okay to have mushrooms pop up in the compost? I noticed some in my bin a couple of days ago, then I found some in my spinach patch. Is this normal? Is is safe?



I am interested in mycology (study of fungus). I'm in UK, so obviously we've got different species and I'm not familier with foreign ones! However, there are thousands of different species of fungus and only a very few are poisonous. The difficulty is tho that the very few that are poisenous are VERY poisenous. In the UK the most dangerous one is the Death Cap and just a little bit of this one caught under the nail and make a person very ill indeed. So, I imagine yours is perfectly harmless, but do be warned in case it is one of hte others!!! They wont harm your compost. There are fungi (eg Honey Fungus in the UK) that you do not want near your plants as they kill shrubs and trees, but as this one seems to be growing on 'dead' matter - ie the contents of your compost bin, then I imagine it is not one of those that effect living plants. It is simply helping to break down your compost and doing a useful service for you. The 'mushroom' is in fact just the fruiting body - the actual fungus is underneath the compost and consists of threads called mycellium. I have a few fungi pop up in my veggie patch - it is quite normal and nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.

29 Apr, 2008

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