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Trying to identify my houseplant


By Paradox

I have had this houseplant for years - it looks similar to marijuana, but isn't. Now it's leaves are turning yellow and I can't seem to stop its decline. I am trying to identify it as a first step to saving it.



Could you post a photo? Could then look it up for you and have a try at identifying it...

30 Jun, 2007


Difficult to say without a photo but it could be a Fatsia Japonica - there are two reasons why the leaves might turn yellow and drop - If the leaves are soft and wilted then its likely to be overwatering. If leaves are brittle it may be getting too much heat. Hope this helps

4 Jul, 2007


Sorry you haven't been able to post a photo yet. Have consulted books and come up with possibility of 'Dizygotheca elegantissima' (Aralia elegantissima) known as a 'Finger Aralia'. As I've on;y seen pictures of marijuana I am only guessing. Good luck with it. Book says it detests soggy compost but drops its leaves if root ball dries out - does not sound an easy plant to keep healthy! Does not like sudden changes in temp either. "If lower leaves fall, cut off stem in speing and stump will grow again" (Also in book)

5 Jul, 2007


This sounds like a member of the umbellatus family, or perhaps a schifflera. Can't say any more without reference pic to confirm but I doubt it is a fatsia....

6 Jul, 2007


If you've had it for years - it probably needs repotting and feeding whatever it is, try multipurpose compost and loam mixed 50:50 and feed with a 'vegi' feed ( look on the bottle where it says N P K - you want the N number to be bigger than the others, if/when it flowers use a feed thats got the K number higher) water well - but let it dry out quite well between waterings/feedings. good luck!

11 Jul, 2007

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