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homemade garlic spray

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hello l have been using a home made garlic spray for my hostas it really works can l use it on other plants ? thank you Ann Miller from Harlow Essex



What pest are you using this garlic spray for? It should work against aphids, but what would be really useful is a natural spray that would deter or get rid of slugs and snails!
The garlic spray should work for aphids on virtually any plant.

10 Jun, 2012


It works for slugs and snails on any plant too. Not as a killer but if you spray the leaves it becomes a systemic deterrent to their being eaten by these horrors. A couple of years ago I spent a fortune on nematodes with zero effect, then a friend suggested garlic for my lettuce, peas and beans. It works, and, no the veg does not taste of garlic when mature. I think the pests must have a better sense of taste than us.

10 Jun, 2012


Really glad to know this - thanks!

10 Jun, 2012


Can anyone tell me how to make this spray up ?? :-))

11 Jun, 2012


To make the garlic spray just break up a garlic in water bring to boil and simmer for about 30 minutes strain and push the softened garlic through sieve stir put in a squeezy spray bottle shake before using. (it do stink the house out but worth it when you get hostas with NO eaten leaves.

11 Jun, 2012


Thanks so much Iwbi :-)) will promptly make some up.

11 Jun, 2012

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