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I have collected rainwater from my garage roof -which is corrugated asbestos......Could that have an adverse effect on my plants???



Shouldnt do but wouldnt want to drink it. nowadays all asbestos frowned on but the real harmful stuff was blue asbestos as it powdered easily and therefore easily inhaled.Your roof should have stabilised years ago.

25 Apr, 2008


Thank you.....When referred to as BLUE- I assume that's its colour??

25 Apr, 2008


Well not strictly it was a white powdery fibre that when seen through light in large quantities had a blue haze.Been banned for many years and predominantly used in insulating materials for walls.Sorry I am digressing here but your garage roof will not be made of this.Asbestos was a high risk for those working with it in powdered form .

25 Apr, 2008


Thanks -that was reassuring....

26 Apr, 2008

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