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Evergreen non self-clinging climber wanted for full shade!


By Bobo

London, United Kingdom Gb

I'm trying to find a climber (evergreen if possible and not self-clinging) for full shade. On some sites it says some honeysuckles ie copper beauty are ok for this but others say it needs partial sun. Can you recommend a plant that would definitely be suitable? Thanks



A Pyracantha would fit this bill. It has white flowers followed by red, orange or yellow fruits in autumn/winter.

7 May, 2009


I agree with Craftnutter. Pryracantha is a good idea. I have grown Garrya Elliptica up around my north-east facing front door. Took a while to get going but is now thriving. Pruned to keep it close to the wall. Looks great especially the tassels.

7 May, 2009


Thanks for your help, Craftnutter and HillyC. HillyC, Garrya Eliptica looks good but is it ok for full shade? I'm quite new to all this and I'm confused by some sites saying a plant can deal with partial shade whereas another might say it can deal with full shade. Does anyone know a site or book which I can trust for plant conditions?

7 May, 2009


Try the RHS books - e.g. 'Plants for Places'. Roy Lancaster's book is also good - 'Perfect Plant. Perfect Place'.

7 May, 2009


I got a pyracantha coz it attracts the birds and most of my garden has been designed around wildlife. Don't worry too much. Gardening is all about learning and is not a textbook science. Just give each plant a go and see what works. Above all, have fun watching it grow!

7 May, 2009


Well as I've said, it faces NE., so it gets virtually no sun. It is however very open and airy - light but no sun. Not sure what kind of shade you have (that sounds daft!). I agree with Craftnutter, gardening's all trial and error.Whatever you choose, if it doesn't work.move it !!

7 May, 2009


Thanks for your help everyone!

7 May, 2009

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