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Slug Clear


By Zeke

United Kingdom Gb

My garden is being desimatated by slugs and snails. You name it I have tried it to solve this problem over the years. As a last resort I have bought some Slug Clear in liquid concentrate.The question is it safe to apply this to the base of my fruit trees and on to the soil a short period before planting veg.



Have you tried Nematodes I am told this is brilliant try this site for more info

6 May, 2009


Zeke I have the same problem. Along with the slugs and snails I have founds white maggot like things. There is lots of advice on this site and I've tried all of the suggestions and still nothing has worked. Recently I have given all of my seedlings away since i just couldn't plant them knowing that they would be eaten. I have planted strawberries and sweet peas in hanging baskets and if I can't get rid of the pests in the next 2 week I will be starting off tomatoes, chillies, and anything else I can put, into hanging baskets. I hope you can solve your problem with Nematoes as Mccrimmon suggests. I am giving it a try myself. Good luck.

6 May, 2009


Slugs and Snails are the bane of every gardener. The only real way to get rid of them is to hand pick them off your plants every night during their "season".

6 May, 2009


What about copper slug rings? I too have a slug paradise in my garden and in desperation have invested in some of these. I'd be interested to know what other gardeners think. Too early for me to judge - i only received them yesterday.

7 May, 2009

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