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Is the white powdery stuff in the soil fungus? Can I replant?

nsw, Australia Au

I live in Sydney Australia. I have just dug up 3 very old azaleas and a large clump of agapanthas. They were in a very confined position with a retaining wall behind them and a lawn in front. Around the roots and to a depth of about 3 inches is lots of white powdery stuff which looks a bit like ash.I would like to redo this bed and enlarge it and plant with new shrubs. Should I treat the soil before planting and how long should I leave it?.



How much water did the plants get, Alan?

I don't know if it's a fungus but I'm wondering if the plants didn't get a lot of water, it could be lime. The azaleas wouldn't have liked that mind.

9 May, 2009

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