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The last few days my Coriander has kind of flattened from the centre of the plant out. Now it might have been my own fault watering it wrongly, but both parsley's seem to recover their stance after each watering, does anyone one have any ideas? This photo was taken before this started to happen.




have you had pigeons in your garden? they have a huge tendancy to squash everything in its path, also you may ant to check that the ground hasnt shifted and any roots are showing, my astilbe had moved since we started having good weather and the ground dried out

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6 May, 2009


Thank you Moonkins.

I know there are pigeons around not to mention seagulls, however where it is planted it is doubtful that either birds would have flattened it.

I had a look at it this morning and it is starting to stand up again. I think it was probably my method of watering it, that or possible next doors cats, though oddly enough they have never seemed to touch the plants before.

I do thank you for your reply, it's helpful getting someone elses take on it.

6 May, 2009


you are more than welcome always best to hear different versions its usually the one staring straight in your face ie: the watering

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6 May, 2009

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