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I planted a honeysuckle plant at the end of last summer and up until about four weeks ago it was thriving. The only thing that we did was to put some home made compost into the base and some three or four weeks later the plant just dried up and died in a matter of days. We are not sure if it was the compost or something else may have killed it off. We have since dug out the hole and replenished the soil and put in another honeysuckle plant. I have another honeysuckle in the garden which has thrived year after year and it is beautiful and healthy. Is that anything you could suggest that might have caused it's demise.



Need a bit of clarification - what exactly does putting some home made compost 'into the base' mean? Base of what?

2 Jun, 2012


Hello, thank you for your prompt reply. When I say base I mean into the earth. Hope this helps??

2 Jun, 2012


If you mean you dug it in round the base of the plant, you may well have severed its major water seeking roots, which, since it was only planted last year, won't have extended that far from the topgrowth. If you broke those, and didn't water every day to compensate, that would be enough to kill it. Any compost added to existing plants in the ground is best applied as a mulch.

4 Jun, 2012


Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. Have a good day!

5 Jun, 2012

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